Paint Replacement Wraps

A vinyl wrap verses traditional automotive paint.

Vinyl Car Wrap paint wraps color change graphics for cars.

In many cases, a vinyl wrap is less expensive than paint.

Vinyl wrap paint replacement color changing film. Full color change car wrap on BMW M3 from Blue to Satin White Wraps

Most times, our customers are under the impression that a vinyl car wrap is cheaper than paint… but that isn’t always the case. Keeping in mind that paint is permanent, have you ever wondered how much a good quality paint job costs? The going rate for a decent quality full color change on most vehicles can run anywhere between $8K-$15K on most cars! Most of us don’t have that kind of money lying around and even more of us would love a fresh start with the color on our cars. Maybe you purchased a new car which they didn’t have in your color or, maybe it was a lease which you wouldn’t be able to paint a different color anyway.

Of course though, there are “cheap” paint shops which specialize in fast in-and-out style paint for vehicles and you can likely repaint your whole car for under a grand, but why would anyone in their right mind throw a cheap permanent paint job on a brand new vehicle? Don’t forget, most of the time.. you pay for what you get… and if you didn’t pay that much, don’t expect to get a whole lot especially when it comes to paint.

There is a time and place for everything but for a newer vehicle or one that still has a good finish intact, you need to take into consideration that aftermarket paint is never as durable as the original paint applied at the factory… and if you just painted a car which already had good paint, you very likely just devalued the resale of your vehicle. Over the years, we have wrapped many once repainted vehicles. It is surprising to see just how many paint shops there are who do not remove crucial parts such as lights and rubber moldings. When these parts do not get removed, it means overspray, unpainted areas or over painted areas where paint was never supposed to be and most importantly…. poor paint adhesion on edges.

Paint wraps or vinyl wraps on the other hand, allow anyone to change the color of their vehicle with exotic colors and specialty finishes for literally a fraction of the cost of paint. The average price of a full coverage external paintwrap is between $3,000-$4,800 for most vehicles… and the turn around time is only about 4 to 5 business days from the time you drop your car off, to when you pick it up from our shop! Compared to paint, our professional installers make sure to do a thorough break down of the vehicle so that the vinyl wrap tucks in deep and lasts for years to come.

Car paint automotive refinishing vehicle wrap. Vinyl wrapped audi R8 Custom Vehicle Wraps Vinyl car Wrap

The advantages of paint without the high costs

A car wrap provides you with a comparable finish of paint, without the same costs and commitment associated with real paint. The results are amazing and the vinyl wrap materials have their own built in clear coat which handles similar to paint, providing you with outstanding durability. You are able to wash and wax a car wrap similar to how you would with your factory finish, plus when you have your vehicle wrapped by us, you get up-to 12 years outdoor durability under normal conditions because of our certified installers! We only use the top name brands in vinyl which goes to show that we won’t accept anything less than the best for our customers.

The coolest part, and one of the BIGGEST advantages of a vinyl wrap…. it is 100% removable without causing any damage to your OEM finish! Changed your mind within a year or two?.. no problem! Maybe that car is a lease… yea we can put it back to normal. Sometimes we get the guy who has a special edition paint color from the factory… no worries there either, that beautiful paint is protected underneath your vinyl wrap the whole time. Paint wraps are really meant to be removed, even though many customers just leave them on for the life of the vehicle.

Manufacturers have a warranted clean removal period which is usually around 5 years. This means that your car wrap will come off clean with no messy residue and no damage to OEM paints when professionally removed within the warranty period. In our experience, if the vinyl wrap is removed past the warranty period, it will still come off fairly clean but may leave a bit more residue behind than if it was removed sooner. So the beauty of vehicle wraps is that your finish underneath is protected just as it would be with paint protection film.

Paint replacement isn’t for everyone. Something to consider before looking into vinyl car wrap

time for paint not a car wrap. Worn automotive paint clear coat is not good candidate for vinyl vehicle wraps

We need to clarify, paint wraps aren’t a magical fix to worn or damaged paint. If your paint is in poor condition, it will need to be either repaired and in a “paint ready” state or it just needs to be repainted. This is when the cost difference between a cheap paint job and a vinyl wrap may not be as justified. If your paint looks like doo doo, then you need to know that vinyl will show all the little imperfections in your paint finish including chips, flaking paint, scratches and even dust in your factory clear coat.

If your vehicle is older than 10 years, the chances are that you aren’t trying to preserve your paint… which is a major selling point of vinyl wraps. While a quality repaint finish is going to cost you upwards of $8,000, you can probably find a lot of cheap “scuff and spray” paint shops which will refinish your whole vehicle for as low as $800 using cheap single stage paints… and it will probably look just the same as it costs. If all you care about is to get rid of your fading paint, then a vinyl wrap likely isn’t for you.
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