Will a wrap damage my paint?

If your wrap was professionally installed and removed, it should not hurt your OEM paint. In many cases wraps preserve your paint underneath. We have seen damage to vehicles for several reasons. Installer that are not trained or experienced can cause damage by cutting into your vehicle with a blade. Also if the installation was not done right it will cause premature lifting and then lead to failure of your wrap. Using the wrong or inferior wrap film cause cause damage to your wrap by either etching its adhesive into your paint finish or by ripping your paint off during removal.

We only use the best wrap films available by 3M and Avery and we are one of the few wrap shops in the area which hold multiple certifications from the manufacturers. The use of these films and our expertise in installation means that not only will you wrap last for years to come, but your new factory paint underneath won’t be damaged when you have your wrap professionally removed later down the road.