How do I take care of it? Can I take it to a car wash?

Maintaining your wrap is easy. The same way you would want to take care of a quality paint job, you would with a wrap. Hand washing is always best. You can go to a full service car wash station which uses actual humans to scrub your car. Avoid drive through car washes with those crazy spinning whips but you and also want to avoid touch-less car washes which use extremely high pressures. You don’t need to, but you can wax your wrap with using waxes recommended for leather and plastic parts and make sure they do not contain any Carnauba aka Palm wax, as the acid content in this type of wax doesn’t play well with vinyl. Waxing is recommended as it only improves the look and durability of your wrap. We usually try to stock a care kit made specifically for vehicle wraps so you can also buy care products directly through us.