How long does the vinyl last?

Another question that has many variables. A standard color change wrap film usually has an expected outdoor durability of 7-12 years on vertical surfaces and printed graphic wraps have 5-7 years durability. The amount of sun and dew exposure plays a large part in the durability of all materials. Horizontal areas (such as the roof, hood and trunk of vehicles) which are exposed to UV rays and acid buildup from dust and dew will greatly be reduced down to about 1 to 3 years depending on color, finish and manufacturer. Perforated window graphics only have an outdoor durability of about 1 year. Matte and metallic finishes have the least durability while gloss finishes have the best outdoor durability. Factors which can greatly improve the life expectancy of the vinyl are, garaging the vehicle, washing it regularly, waxing gloss finishes (no carnauba waxes and nothing that requires a serious buff to polish up).